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Honeycomb Grid For Bowens Studio Strobe Flash

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Honeycomb Grid for Bowens Studio Strobe FlashGrid/Honeycomb fit for the standard studio flash, making the flash light hard and focus, good for photography.Flash diffusers are used in photography to soften the light that hits your subject. This helps to distribute the light more evenly in the photo, removing harsh shadows.The robust rectangular lip facilitates the handling and stabilizes the shape. The lip allows mounting and dismounting the diffuser within a few seconds, depending on whether hard or soft lighting is neededAluminum honeycomb in black anti- corrosion treatment with black ABS frame.Fast installation,Strengthen the effect of radar cover; make light more direction shadow over more naturalRegular cellsize applied for honeycomb grid: 1/8", 1/6",1/5"1/4" in AA3003H18 or AA5052H18

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