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Honeycomb Shielded Vent Panels

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EMI Shielding Ventilation PanelsEMI shielding vent panels are made from aluminium or steel honeycomb mounted into a frame. Many aluminium frame styles are available together with different thicknesses and configuration of honeycomb to meet different shielding requirements. Protective grilles are available for vulnerable areas together with dust filtration foams. Chromate oxidation, Chemical nickel-plating, Tin plating and passivation can be specified.Aluminium honeycomb vent panels for air flow consist of an aluminium honeycomb foil held in a rigid extruded aluminium mounting frame. The foil, formed and laminated into a series of honeycomb cells that are glued and perforated or laser welded at the join, ensures a conductive path at each join. Although the foil is conductive in all directions, to enhance EMI performance, two pieces of honeycomb polarised at 900 to each other are recommended.Shielding is achieved by using Waveguide design principles. The frame can be supplied with an integral or separate EMI/RFI gasket, and can be treated with a variety of finishes to provide corrosion protection or improve conductivity.Shielding performanceAluminum honeycomb shielding performanceFrequencyFieldAttenuation db10 KHzH45100 KHzH491 MHzH511 MHzE> 10010 MHzE> 100100 MHzE> 1001 GHzP9810 GHzP95Stainless steel honeycomb shielding performanceFrequencyFieldAttenuation db14KHzMagnetic≥ 75150KHzMagnetic≥100200KHz-50MHzElectric≥11050MHz-1GHzFlat wave≥1101GHz-18GHzMicrowave≥10018GHz-40GHzMicrowave≥90

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