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Horizontal Vibrating Motor

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Introduction to YZS series vibration motorYZS series vibration motor is the integration of the excitation source combining power source and vibration source. The motor is installed a set of adjustable eccentric blocks on both ends of the rotor shaft. The vibration force was generated by centrifugal force via  high speed rotation of shaft and eccentric block. The motor has many advantages like low energy consumption, low voice, long service life, high-usage &  stepless regulation of vibration force, easily usage.JZO, YZU, YZO, YZS, YZD and TZDC vibration motors is the general vibration motors.Vibration motor can be applied to general mechanical vibration, such as vibration crusher, vibrating screen extension, linear vibrating screen machine, vibration baling press, vibration shakeout machine, vibration molding machine, vibration pile driver, vibration hoisting machine,vibration filling machine,vibration device with arch breaker, anti-blocking function for feed bin. YZS series vibration motor is widely used in hydropower construction, thermal power, construction, building materials, chemical, mining, coal, metallurgy, light industry and other industrial sectors.In addition to application to general vibration machine, YZS series vibration motor combine a variety of vibration modes, such as swing type, swirl type, shaking vibration type, combination straight type, combination long elliptic type, compound dual-band type, compound double amplitude type. By these vibration forms, it can produce some new vibration machines.YZS series vibration motor is a new type vibration motor. Its characteristics are small size, nice appearance,highly cost effective. Different from other vibration motors, YZS series’ shell and engine base are integrated cast, so it will reduce the cost and enhance the dustproof properties. Parameter table of YZS series vibration motormodelvibration force      (KN)Work rate (kw)electric current(A)Vibration frequency (r/min)installation dimensionsweight(Kg)EFILMNnφdYZS-1.5-

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