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Horseshoe Drill Bit

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Product Description
Straight horseshoe BitDiameter(mm):Φ30mm/Φ32mm/Φ36mm/Φ38mm/Φ40mmΦ42mm.(mm) Alloy/Height×Thickness(mm):Customized.Production Process: Precision forging with high quality alloy steel.Tale Hole Taper:7Connection Way:Connect the taper hole with drill rod.Main Application:Rock drilling engineering on various rock grade.1.Product Characteristics:Straight horseshoe bit is the main tool used for impacted drilling in mining excavation engineering, the taper-joint hard alloy bits of our company includes: straight bits, cross-shaped bits, three-blade bits, spherical tooth type bits and drill tools of drilling machine as well as other series of products. Bits are made of high quality alloy steel in precision forging process, choose different alloy grades and product types based on different rock condition, straight horseshoe bit are suitable for all kinds of rock grades, such as limestone, granite and marble; also suitable for the rock drilling engineering of the iron ore, gold ore, etc..2.Matters needing attention:Please control the drilling depth of the grinding schistose bit during application, if the bit is slowly drilling and the obtuse angle wideness of both ends of the bit Δ≥2.5mm, please grind in time by 46-60 silicon-carbide abrasive wheel with linear speed not lower than 18 m/s.If the bit is more inclined to be stuck in rock drilling, please replace the straight bit to the cross-shaped bit or spherical tooth type bit.

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