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Application DuagramUpgrade all your analog Head-ends to Digital • Cost-effective - solution to distribute your Video Signals with Perfect Digital Quality • Signal quality - won’t degrade like analog• Simple configuration - add or upgrade channels in minutes• Clear QAM broadcast - works with all standard HDTVs• Using the existing Coaxial analog Cable - combined with the other TV channelsIn order to facilitate the hotel hospital and other commercial establishments on live television. Recommended cable digital cable systems compared with coaxial based on IPTV and analog TV more cost-effective.you can receive it on all TVs through the existing antenna cables, also combined with the other TV channels.◆EMI30848 AV of mpeg-2 SD in 1RU chassis8 channels fit on 2 RF frequenciesThrough ASI/RF input could Cascading multiple devices Digital quality at 480i and 576i◆EMI3381   8 HDMI of H.264 encoding   8 channels fit on 2 RF frequencies   Digital quality up to 1080p◆QAM62488 fta dvb-s/s2 Tuners inputsFour adjacent frequency RF outSupport multiplexer and scrambling◆IPQ6250256 udp/rtp IP inputs16 Non-adjacent frequency RF outSupport multiplexer and scramblingIP out via multiplexed or scrambled◆Video terminal▼DIBSYS H.264/MPEG2 HD STB▼DTA Box▼LED TV built-in Clear QAM TunersMain ApplicationHotel/Hospital/Building/Shopping mall/residential/School/Bars...

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