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Hot Glue Labeling Machine

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Hot glue labeling machineFilling and labeling designed to meet the demanding requirements of high flexibility, small footprint, low power consumption gas consumption, good stability, and many other advantages can be used for cold glue labeling from the reel to be as hot glue labeling, Taiwan technology decoration packaging products at a higher speed, a wide range of processing and better economic results achieved packaging products and decorating purposes.After pressing roll type tag can be embedded within the trench aptly package surface, perfectly surrounds the product packaging,The whole operation with touch screen operation, all Chinese display, production speed, shift production counting, fault category, etc. can be displayed on the screen.And automatic statistical failure time, fault and other information categories, man-machine dialogue;Time conversion job significantly shorter, the replacement tool group a lot easier, maintenance costs are reduced naturally follow.The whole machine centralized lubrication system, easy to clean, lubrication, maintenance Referenced PLC, AC variable speed, in operation automates multisession variable speed,Wide speed range, high precision, speed conversion smooth and reliable. OPP labeling machine labeling can be used to hold food, beverage bottles and round bottles scope.Product Features1, With a star wheel, can be smoothly transferred and dispensing container at high speeds. Equipped with a servo motor for label and label cutting process.While using a special high-speed vacuum drum to ensure the accuracy of the labeling. Pearl film applications: for cola, soy milk and other bottled beverages wraparound labels    2, High whiteness, basis weight uniformity, stability, and good shading, hot melt adhesive with good adhesion, both film and advantages of pearl film, suitable for high-speed labeling machines.Polypropylene (OPP) pearl film labels are environmentally friendly products, with printing vivid color, hiding power, good noodles smooth performance characteristics, particularly suitable for high speed automatic labeling machine is widely used in Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other drinks outside package. Polyethylene is recognized as non-toxic materials, pvc heat shrinkable film, shrink film especially for food, medicines, beverages and other commodities industries tag.3, High transparency polyethylene shrink label printing film is highly transparent polyethylene shrink film to the substrate, with the international advanced flexible printing plate manufacture and brush is a film using a special formula,Instead of the conventional low-density polyethylene resin weight packaging material, made of high transparency, good workability, high strength heat shrinkable film. Be "fitted" packaging to make goods with a distinctive appearance.ApplicationFor PET plastic bottles, glass bottles, juices, dairy drinks and other food packaging. Increased product value.But not for bottles or uneven curve of the band, is one of environmental protection material .Our factoryWHY choose our factory?Bottle Design ServiceOur engineer can design different bottle drawing for your reference! Contact Us: We will send design drawing! Layout Design ServiceWe supply standard layout for each water filling machine line,also available for customize design layout based on Customers Factory Area!Give US: Factory Area Label Design ServiceDesign colorful label for customers choiceProvide Us: Information want to put on labelQuality ControlWe have the single quality department,that make sure the material of the raw materials is good,and ensure the machine running smoothl

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