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Hot Paper Cup - Ripple Wall

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Product Description
Outer carton mm      Art no      Description      Size LxWxH      color      Pcs/inner      Pcs/ctnLWHcbmN.W.G.W.5752012-ARipple wall 4oz 118mlØ62/45x63mmblack409603902605400.0547566.57.55752023-ARipple wall 8oz 234mlØ80/54x92mmblack258755604004050.0907210.7511.755752035-ARipple wall 12oz 355mlØ90/60x110mmblack256005603654450.09095810.811.85752040-ARipple wall 16oz 473mlØ90/56x135mmblack256005603804950.10533613.314.35752012-BRipple wall 4oz 118mlØ62/45x63mmbrown255003652603300.0313173.44.45752023-BRipple wall 8oz 234mlØ80/54x92mmbrown255004004003400.0544675752035-BRipple wall 12oz 355mlØ90/60x110mmbrown255004303654750.0745518.259.255752040-BRipple wall 16oz 473mlØ90/56x135mmbrown255004803754800.08649.510.5Ripple wall/tripple wall insulated hot paper cup keeps hands cool while drink stays hot.Designed for hot or cold beverages.Cups with lids provide an easy, convenient way to carry your favorite.Drink with you wherever you go. With three layers of insulation, hot and cold beverages, like coffee and iced tea, will maintain their temperatures for longer periods of time.

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