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Hot Pressing Diamond Bit

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Product Description
Product description: hot pressing diamond bit is a kind of diamond drill bit,Website:, drill uniform trimmed with diamond particles in the matrix bit. Tire wear when drilling, diamond constantly exposed g take rocks, can all the carcass has been grinding out, work on a new outcrop of the diamond, similar to the grinding of metallic materials. Matrix has a certain height, slightly larger than the drill diameter, outside diameter inner diameter slightly smaller than the drill bit body diameter, outer side of the carcass, in the side and bottom of the tank, through the removal of cuttings and cool the drill bit with a rinse. Most of the impregnated diamond bit is the use of synthetic diamond, known as synthetic diamond-impregnated drill bits. According to the different rock hardness, hardness matrix is divided into: low 5 °-15 °, 10-15 °, conventional 15 °-20 °, 20 °-25 °, 25-30 °, 30 °-35 °, 35 °-40 °, more than 40 degrees respectively, to adapt to different strata. Hot pressing diamond bit general dimensions: φ 75, 91, 110, 130, 150, 171, 200, 220, 225, I can according to customer request a special type diamond bit.

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