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Hot Sale Non Woven Carding Machine For Nonwoven Line

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Carding machineIt is suitable for polyester, polypropylene fiber, Whalen bi-component chemical fiber with high speed carding. The cylinder, doffer, working roll, trawling roll, mixed and disorderly roll are all thermal refined. The carding machine is equipped with electrostatic device. The main motor of main cylinder is frequency controlled. With the high speed carding double cylinder, it makes the fiber fully carding, cotton net is more uniform. Cotton feeding roller is variable frequency drived with anti metal protection device. Equipped with double hair function, it opens the material evenly, into a network of high density, reduce the damage of chest cylinder and extend the service life.【Main Technical Parameters】● Machine width:1550mm,1850mm,2000mm,2300mm,2500mm,3000mm,3500mm● Primary cylinder:Φ850● Main cylinder:Φ1230mm  Φ1500mm● Middle doffer:Φ635● Output doffer:Φ492mm● Output speed:45m/min● Cotton stripping: Roller● Power:45.5kw--60kw

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