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Hot Selling High Quality Mini Scooter Somatosensory Car

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Basic Info.New Mini Smart Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter balance 2 wheels Description:Max Speed 15km/h(contain)-20km/h(no contain)Distance around 15-20km(depends on rider's weight, road conditions etc)Max tilt around 15°-30°(depends on rider's weight)Battery 36V*4.4AH(158WH) lithium batteryhighest power 500W(contain)-1000W(no contain)Using temperature -10ºC-40ºC(recommending at 10ºC-30ºC)Max load 120kgEngin 350WCharging Voltage AC110-240V 50-60HZCharging Time Around 60-120 Mins (30 Mins to 80%)Speed Protection 10km/h(contain)-15km/h(no contain)Low Battery Protection when battery is lower than 10%, it will slow down and finally stopped working.Size 584*168*178(mm)Tyre size 170mmweight 12kgpower switch LED works when turned on and keeps twinkling under protection circumstances.Voice Alert Beeps when turned on and has a low battery capacityStandard Charger, Giftbox, User Manual How to use it ?  You only need to slightly tilt your feet, will be able to control its direction, short-distance travel is very convenient.  How to use it ?  You only need to slightly tilt your feet, will be able to control its direction, short-distance travel is very convenient.  NOTE: 1, Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter is a commuting machine instead of a transportation machine, please do not ride it on the vehicle road. 2, Personal safety is the priority when the rider is about to fall. 3, Avoid obstacles and slippery surfaces, such as gravel road and water surface. 4, Always wear helmet, gloves, elbow guard and other protective gear for safety reasons. 5, Please ride on safe roads and avoid bumpy surface, slippery surface and water surface. 6, Children must be supervised by adults when riding the Wheel. 7, Do not lift Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter off the ground when the unit is turned on. This will cause the wheel to spin freelywhich could result in injury to yourself or damage to things around youHot Selling High Quality Smart Balanced Wheel, Brushless Motor  2-Wheel Mini Scooter Somatosensory CarNewest 10 inch 2-Wheel Fashion Design Self Balancing Scooter Ultra-Quiet Standing Strong Power Smart Electric ScooterNew Mini Smart Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter balance 2 wheels Packaging & ShippingNew Big Tire 10 inch Two Wheel Fashion Design Self Balancing Skateboard Ultra-Quiet Standing Strong Power Smart Electric Scooter Unit Type::piecePackage Weight::16.000kg (35.27lb.)Package Size::70cm x 30cm x 30cm (27.56in x 11.81in x 11.81in) Our Services New Big Tire 10 inch Two Wheel Fashion Design Self Balancing Skateboard Ultra-Quiet Standing Strong Power Smart Electric ScooterHow it works--Move according to your body's gravityStep1.To move forward or backward on the scooter, the rider just leans slightly forward or backward.Step2.To turn left or right, the rider simply moves the foot on left or right pedal.Step3.Stand straightly, you will stop moving.You get the sense of power and speed, yet you also feel a sense of safety and absolute control, it all feels natural, safe and instinctive.  FAQNew Big Tire 10 inch Two Wheel Fashion Design Self Balancing Skateboard Ultra-Quiet Standing Strong Power Smart Electric Scooter 1. When will the self balance scooter first pre-orders ship? self balance scoote ship within 3-5 days of your order 2. How long would take a newbie to master the controls of this self balance scooter? This personal transporter takes 3-5 minutes on average just to get comfortable, once you relax, you can be fully proficient within 20-30 minutes with your self balance scooter. 3. Realistically, how long can someone ride it before their core/back muscles get tired? Initially, riding a self balance scooter type personal transporter can be strenuous due to your body getting acclimated to standing on the device. Once you relax, you can ride the self balance scooter for its full range of 10-12 miles. 4. How much weight does the self balance scooter support? The weight limit is up to 280 pounds. 5. How does it handle bumps, cracks and curbs - is there any kind of suspension? self balance scooter handles bumps and cracks up to 1/2 inch very well, all you have to do is to pay attention and bend your knees, as your knees act as your suspension.  6. How long does it take to fully charge? Before you buy, you have to know that a self balance scooter is an electric device. So this motorized scooter needs to be charged. It will fully charge in 2-3 hours. This is the advantage of self balance scooter over our competition. 7. Is it legal to use a self balance scooter on streets and/or sidewalks? self balance scooter  has a very compact footprint, (a little wider than an average person's shoulders) it can easily be used on sidewalks, however check with your local authorities to ensure that it is not illegal to operate your Glidr on public sidewalks. We ride them around everywhere 8. Can it handle wet weather? self balance scooter mobility device is IP54 rated which means it can handle dust and light splash of water. You should not ride yourself balance scooter  in inclement weather or near puddles.  9.Who did you design self balance scooter for? You may think that we built this electric scooter for adults only. But happily the self balance scooter was designed for people of all ages to improve and increase their personal mobility. 10. Warranry?  Warranty Details:Warranty period: 12 months, free repair. Return policy (during warranty period):The 1st~2nd month: Buyer pays shipping to China and we pay return (from China to buyer's address). When we return the repaired products, we usually use China Post Airmail. If buyers want faster, we can ship by DHL but buyers pay extra cost. The 3rd~12th month: Buyers pay both shipping cost.(Note: No refund unless we send a wrong product. We do not charge repair cost during 12month warranty. After warranty, we just charge a little labor cost.) 11.Notice for import tax and other charges:Buyers pay all expense including import tax and handling charges.For exporter, we have to pay our local charges, such as Commercial checking, customs and documents fee. So it is same for buyer to pay his charges like import tax and etc.  Below is my contact information, I'm always here waiting for you, my friend.  Contact:Taneya  TangZHIMESON Group LimitedTel: 0086-13613029437Ph: 0086-0755-23112380-802 FAX:0086-0755-33235375Skype  Aawtchapp:13613029437Product Description4.5Inch Zhimeson Balanced Car

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