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Hot Wind Recirculating Furnace

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DetailsMain features include precision temperature control,Website:, energy saving, and less pollution. It take about 5-120 minutes from the temperature of 50-500℃ (adjustable)to complete heat treatment of the work pieces(e.g spring, chain, standard metal pieces, hardware pieces)which are put into the entrance of the furnace on the stainless steel belt.The furnaces are equipped with air blower to keep the temperature ever.The power of the furnace range from 8 to 137 kw.Work pieces can be produced constantly with the furnace in the production line.Our furnaces are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.Specification: ModelMax temperaturePowerTemperature controlL*W*H      Effective heating area(M)L*W*H  Overall dim(M)XD-TF520500℃30KW22*0.5*0.093.4*1.1*1.9XD-TF53040KW33*0.5*0.125.1*1.1*1.9XD-TF63048KW33*0.6*0.125.1*1.2*1.9XD-TF54055 KW44.5*0.5*0.126.7*1.1*1.9XD-TF64065 KW44.5*0.6*0.126.7*1.2*1.9XD-TF74065 KW34*0.7*0.126.1*1.3*1.9XD-TF84093KW44.5*0.8*0.127*1.4*1.9XD-TF65078 KW45*0.6*0.157.2*1.2*1.9XD-TF67093 KW57*0.6*0.29.2*1.2*1.9XD-TF590120 KW59*0.5*0.211*1.3*1.6XD-TF690137 KW59*0.6*0.211*1.4*1.6

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