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How To Make Uhf Wristband To Be 5m Read Distance

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Chafon has announced new type UHF wristband tag with effective range up to 4~5m if wear on the wrist. As we all know,Website:, the UHF RFID tag is effected by the environment, especially liquid. Theory analyzing and test experiment, were used to study the effect of liquid on RFID tag. Changes of performance parameters were tested in liquid environment by using the RFID system test platform, and studied based on electromagnetic field simulation software HFSS Ansoft. The results show that the fluid near the RFID system can absorb electromagnetic wave, reduce the radiation efficiency of the tag antenna, and lead to impedance match of antenna gets changed. Because of the influence of liquid, the reading range of uhf wristband tag has been a tough problem. Wristband tag is affixed to on the wrist, blood will absorb the signal of tag, the reading range will be very short, if work with uhf long range reader, the reading range can up to at most 1m. In order to fulfill customer demand, Chafon developed new type UHF wristband tag, which comes with special design, if work with uhf 12dbi long range reader, the reading range can up to about 5m.It mainly used for personal management, patient management, conference attendance management etc. The New Chafon wristband tag is made up of Plastic or Nylon material, supports the EPC Gen2 and ISO18000-6C standard, leverages Alien’s Higgs 3 chip, supporting 32bits TID, 240bits EPC Number, 512bit user memory. Can be printed logo on the tag. The Wristband tag is used for personal management, is equipped with anti-collision feature, so, Individual tag can be read even when multiple tagged people are come here together tightly, Chafon reports, it has a read distance of up to 5m within UHF frequency band. You can wear it on the wrist.

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