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Hpvc-103 Pvc Surface Removable Protective Flim Tape

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Product Description
Mu He is one of  the leading protective film, protective film tape and surface protection tape manufacturer in China. These protective film tape having high adhesiveness, moist resistance properties, no adhesive residue and easy usage.HPVC-103 PVC Surface Removable Protective Flim TapeProtective Flim Tape Characteristicsa/ High transparency, bright surface luminance.b/ Smooth surface, uniform thickness.c/ Few hydrological veins, few crystal points.d/ No smell and non-toxic.e/ Fireproof, UV, anti-static.f/ Can easily be thermoformed, printed, and folded.Excellent impact resistance.High level of transparency.Non-whitening folding.Very light flow mark.Dimensional stability.

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