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Hsk 63f Cnc Collet Chucks Holders For Hsk Tool Changer

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HSK 63F CNC Collet Chucks Holders for HSK Tool Changer 


HSK 63 F tool holders for use on auto tool changer CNC routers and machining centers, and point to point machines with automatic tool changers. This HSK 63-F tool holder is made in China, manufactured of high quality steel that is polished and provides corrosion resistance, precision balanced to G2.5 spec in accordance with DIN69893, our tool holders are anti-rust treated and guarantee extended tool life and best performance. All tool holders are supplied with precision collet nuts.

The HSK 63 wood tools holder is the most popular for woodworking auto tool change CNC machinery and it comes in several variations, depending on which collet system is being used. ER32 collets have a max tool shank diameter of up to 3/4″ tool shank diameter.   


HSK63F ER 32 Tool Holder with Nut Features:

HSK 63F tool collet size: ER32  (HSK63F ER40 optional)

Material: Through hardened alloy steel. Precision ground surfaces.

Balance Grade: G2.5 @ 24,000 rpm

High precision: 0.005mm runout from taper to pocket

Tool holder forks: HSK 63F
Dust-proof design
 could extend HSK toolholder lifetime

High holding power extends cutting tool life and improves surface finish.

HSK63F collet chucks with threaded holes in order to balance with balancing screws

Precision collet nuts included

Compatibility: All HSK 63F auto tool changing spindles (Italy HSD spindle, GC Colombo spindle, SCM Hiteco spindle)

Dimensions (mm): A=70  

Notes: HSK tool offers advantages over ISO tooling

Maintenance: Protect from rust with rust preventative spray. Remove spray before placing into service. Use correct concentration of coolant to prevent corrosion. HSK F63 holders are also available in stainless steel for cutting applications that use coolant or for use where high-humidity is present. Always check tool holders for scoring or wear. Replace if worn or damaged.

Also we can supply you HSK63F ER40, ISO15, ISO20-ER16/20, ISO30, NBT30, BT30, BT40 tool holders, etc.

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