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Hv Chain

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                     HV Chain
HV chain is ideal for applications where heavy loads (50 to 6000 horsepower) are to be
transmitted at moderate to high speeds. It is also ideal where compact design is
important. HV features a pin and rocker joint which reduces friction and provides pitch
elongation through its rolling action. This results in a reduction of chordal action and
a significant increase in horsepower capacity.
Silent chain is an inverted tooth chain offering low to moderate horsepower for
applications. The exclusive rocker joint eliminates friction during chain articulation
permitting high rotative speed with less wear and heat 
High speed gear chain (Hawa chain) transmitting power for 50~6000 horsepower, more than
3000 rpm to high speed applications, compact design, it is an ideal transmission chain
chain. She is a kind of high precision gear chain belt, both the smooth and compact chain
drive, economic life and long. Characterized by a pin shaft hinge and rolling action
between tiles to reduce friction and realize pitch elongation, the result is the
effective growth of power transmission capacity and reduce the damage. The polygon effect
after shot peening and prestressed chain plate processing, which has larger bearing
capacity with a power capacity of three. In the times of the silent chain, with high
speed range at high speed roller chain work ability decreased sharply, is the ability to
continuously improve the Hawar chain. So the Hawa chain has on many occasions beyond all
dispute, remarkable advantages Applicable to all applications of high speed prime mover,
such as diesel and gas turbine power transmission and so on.


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