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Chipper&shredder    Model:HYCS01Features:  28 reversible hardened steel flails for shredding.37-lb flywheel provides extra momentum to power tough limbs through blade.Single removable blade mounted to flywheel for chipping.Chips limbs up to 3'' in diameter.Adjustable legs for more support in operation.Includes 1 3/8" screen and rods-and-rollers for shredding heavy, wet material without clogging.3 ¾'' x 4 ¾'' size opening at blade; 9 ¾'' x 9 ¾'' at opening of chipping chute.Chipper/Shredders use a powerful internal mechanism to perform two separate functions; not surprisingly, these are "Chipping" and "Shredding".Chipping-BCS ChipperThe first function allows chipping tree limbs into pieces that are approximately 3/16" in size. As a limb of up to three inches in diameter is inserted into the side chute of the Chipper, it encounters a high carbon steel chipping blade fastened to a 37 pound flywheel that is rotating at an unstoppable 3500 revolutions per minute. As it passes to within 3/16" of a heavy steel anvil, this blade shears off a chip of wood once for every revolution. The power of this compact, but powerful chipping action has to be seen to be believed. The output is a uniform chipped wood product suitable for ground covering, or mulch.Shredding-Shredder B-100The shredder works from a hopper that is mounted on the top of the attachment into which leaves, stalks, and garden waste may be dropped into the shredding mechanism. The shredding chamber is a mayhem of 28 "flails" or "hammers" also swinging at 3500 RPMs - that's 98,000 flail strikes every minute! The shredded material falls down an out put chute onto the ground when they are small enough to pass through a filter screen at the bottom of the shredding chamber. Three different size screens from 3/8" to 1-1/8" are available to control the fineness of the shredded material so that it can be used for different mulching and composting applications. The shredder can process limbs up to 1" in diameter.

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