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Hydraulic Bender Mandrel

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Hydraulic Bender MandrelHydraulic Bender Mandrel is one of the main parts of pipe bending machine,Website:http://www.pipelineautoweld.com, it is for purposes of preventing pipe inner wall from wrinkling and controlling ovality during cold bending process of pipe bending machine. Advantages of DP Hydraulic Bender Mandrel: Wedge-from force transmission mechanism of Hydraulic Bender Mandrel: Powerful and reasonable distributed clamping force, intense self-locking function.Clamping Cylinder inside placed of Hydraulic Bender Mandrel: space saving, compact and reasonable structure, powerful clamping force.The hydraulic motor traveling device (over 20 inch diameter mandrel need to equip the Hydraulic drive motor ) Drive motor can make the Mandrel achieve self-propelled, and working position can be controlled precisely by the control systemScales Polyurethane clamping shoes: patented design, easy to installation and removal, the bottom connection plates are made of carbon steel, high-performance polyurethane elastomeric, has excellent dynamic load carrying capacity, excellent wear resistance, high impact toughness and tear strength, minimum compressive residual deformability.Specification of DP Hydraulic Bender Mandrel Model PBM10 PBM12 PBM14 PBM1618 Weight200KG250KG320KG380KGApplicable pipe range10"12"14"16"-18"Model PBM2022 PBM2426 PBM2830 PBM3234 Weight550KG620KG750KG980KGApplicable pipe range20"-22"24"-26"28"-30"32"-34"Model PBM3638 PBM4042 PBM4446 PBM4850 Weight1150KG1350KG1650KG1850KGApplicable pipe range36"-38"40"-42"44"-46"48"-50"Model PBM5254 PBM5658 PBM6062 PBM6466 Weight2300KG2650KG3000KG3300KGApplicable pipe range52"-54"56"-58"60"-62"64"-66"

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