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Hydraulic Capstans

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Product Overview:XHJP hydraulic capstan is composed of oil distributor. XHM hydraulic motor. Z brake. planet reducer, capstan head and end cover. The oil distributor include two-way balance valve. XHJP capstan is with small volume, light weight,high efficiency, big starting torque, good stability for low speed and low noise. XHJP hydraulic capstan's load range is10-300KN. Customized is available. Application XHJP hydraulic capstan can be used on following application:Ship deck machineProduct Model Example:XHJP4-60 capstan means: One stage planetary reducer gear modulus is 4 design code is a  cable load capacity is 60KN.Product Type Description:Product Parameter Description:The total displacement of XHSJ hydraulic winch means the oil volume for driving the reel rotating one circle.

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