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Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump 2dpmdaa

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DEPAMU (Hangzhou) Pumps Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading hydraulic diaphragm metering pump 2dpmdaa manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory we are able to produce Chinese best API Standard and API675 hydraulic diaphragm metering pump 2dpmdaa at both low price and good quality. If you are looking for Gemany technology or famous brand products, please feel free to contact us.Working Principle:Reciprocation of plunger drives hydraulic oil, and hydraulic oil drives the diaphragm to reciprocate, so as to suck in and discharge the medium.Features:● Adopt automatic oil supply and built-in safety protection technology, with mutual linkage of diaphragm一limit valve-compensating valve-built-in relief valve. Accuracy of limit valve reaches士0.002mm; surface hardness reaches 60-70HRC; roughness reaches 0.4um; it can be used for 80 million times within -800℃-1600℃ temperature range.● Use Ret PTFE macromolecule composite diaphragm. After multi-directional rolling and surface quenching treatment, evenness reaches 99.92%, which reduces cold flow during operation and enhances compression strength.● Built-in automatic discharge, pressure relief and compensating valve owns outstanding performance and it is safe and non-leakage;● Inlet and outlet check valve uses high-level ball valve with strong corrosion resistance and linear sealing, in order to effectively ensure the metering accuracy and fluidity;● Integrated "Oude" worm gear pair boasts low noise and high efficiency;● It makes use of excellent integrated sleeve adjustable eccentric transmission mechanism, which is simple and reliable, and is capable of 10%-100% stepless adjustment of stroke; metering accuracy is士1% (10%-100% adjustment range).● oil-immersed type lubrication ensures that transmission components can be used reliably for a long period;● In case of transporting poisonous, flammable, explosive and strongly corrosive hazardous media, adopt double diaphragm or multiple diaphragm;● Burst alarm device prevents media from touching hydraulic oil, and thus avoids accidents in case of burst of diaphragm;● Adjustment mode of flow rate is diversified: manual, electrical, pneumatic or frequency conversion;● With electric actuator, remote automatic control is realized;● Two heads or multiple heads(12 heads at most)can be in parallel connection; multiple pump heads can transport the same medium to reduce pulse or multiple media, to be used as a proportional pump.● With wide application range, it transports all kinds of media safely.Technical Parameters:● Flow rate range of single pump head: ≤12100L/H● Pressure range: ≤95MPaMaterial Selection:Pump head can be made of 304, 316, 316L, 904, Hastellot C, PVC, PVDF, PP and PTFE etc.Application Scope:It is widely used in scientific research and production departments including oil, chemical, natural gas, food paper-making, atomic energy technology, power plant plastic, medicine, environmental protection, textile and mine etc. It applies to those that are strongly corrosive,volatile, crystallize, flammable, explosive, poisonous smelly, with large specific gravity, medium viscidity radioactive metal or other precious metals.ModelFlow rate        L/HMotor PowerPlunger diameter        фmm15KW18.5KW22KWDischarge pressure Mpa2DP(M)DAA320/78/88/94320788894252DP(M)DAA460/55/62/72460556272302DP(M)DAA620/42/50/60620425060352DP(M)DAA820/32/37/42820323742402DP(M)DAA1020/25/31/351020253135452DP(M)DAA1290/20/23/271290202327502DP(M)DAA1560/16.8/20/24156016.82024552DP(M)DAA1860/14/17/201860141720602DP(M)DAA2180/12/14/172180121417652DP(M)DAA2520/10/12.3/14.625201012.314.6702DP(M)DAA2900/9/11/13290091113752DP(M)DAA3300/8/9.5/11330089.511802DP(M)DAA3720/7/8.5/10372078.510852DP(M)DAA4200/6.2/7.5/942006.27.59902DP(M)DAA4700/5.5/6.5/847005.56.58952DP(M)DAA5200/5/6.1/7.2520056.17.21002DP(M)DAA5700/4.6/5.5/6.557004.65.56.51052DP(M)DAA6300/4.1/5/663004.1561102DP(M)DAA6900/3.8/4.5/5.469003.84.55.41152DP(M)DAA7520/3.5/4.2/5.175203.54.25.11202DP(M)DAA7800/3.3/4/4.878003.344.8100(3)2DP(M)DAA8160/3.2/3.9/4.681603.23.94.61252DP(M)DAA8600/3/3.4/4.2860033.44.2105(3)2DP(M)DAA8800/2.95/3.6/4.188002.953.64.11302DP(M)DAA9500/2.75/3.3/3.995002.753.33.91352DP(M)DAA10200/2.5/3/3.6102002.533.61402DP(M)DAA11280/2.3/2.8/3.3112802.32.83.3120(3)2DP(M)DAA12240/2.1/2.5/3122402.12.53125(3)2DP(M)DAA13200/2/2.4/2.81320022.42.8130(3)2DP(M)DAA14280/1.8/2.1/2.6142801.82.12.6135(3)2DP(M)DAA15200/1.6/1.9/2.3152001.61.92.3140(3)2DP(M)DAA16280/1.5/1.8/2.1162801.51.82.1145(3)2DP(M)DAA17420/1.4/1.7/2174201.41.72150(3)

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