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Hydraulic Releasing Overshot

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Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the top level hydraulic releasing overshot manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce API and oilfield hydraulic releasing overshot, welcome to contact us.1.IntroductionHydraulic releasing overshot designed with slip jaw, is used for fish with smooth OD. With little down weight, the jaw of overshot can be locked on the OD of fish in hole, rising the string to pull out the fish. If the fish is failed to back off and well pulling, running the tubing string, through the circulating fluid to catch the fish, pulling out the string successfully for further fishing operation. With high strength design, the spear can withstand the impact load from the jar, and the spear jaw structure can make the spear securely tightening drop fishing, but the jaw body will not carry any tension load.2.Feature and benefits*None shear pin*Applied to jar fishing operation*Wash the sand and debris of the fish by circulating fluid*Little load on the jaw*Easy to maintain3.ApplicationStandard fishing operationHeavy-duty fishing operationHeavy fishing operations Spec.(in)ConnectionFishing OD(in)2.131.5’’AMMT1.1301.5’’AMMT1.2502.251.5’’AMMT1.3752.631.5’’AMMT1.2501.5’’AMMT1.501.5’’AMMT1.753.002.375’’PAC2.002.375’’PAC2.132.375’’PAC2.253.3752.375’’PAC2.252.375’’PAC2.382.375’’PAC2.503.7502.375’’PAC2.88

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