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Hydraulic Type External Pipe Clamp

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Product Description
Hydraulic Type External Pipeline Clamp Hydraulic type external pipeline clamp has a hydraulic pump with pipe clamp, ensure strong clamping force than manually operate. Used for big size pipe clamping work. And to meet large high-low pipe requirement, big size external pipe clamp is equipped with 3-8 sets of sectional unfitness adjustment mechanisms, can be inserted into gap to correct the high-low. Unfitness of butt joint 1.5mm.Specifications of hydraulic type external pipeline clampHydraulic Type External Pipeline ClampOuter DimensionWeightTension ForceMaterialWD711 (28 )φ831×19060KGS10TCarbon SteelWD762 (30 )φ882×19065KGS10TCarbon SteelWD813 (32 )φ933×19068KGS10TCarbon SteelWD864 (34 )φ984×19072KGS10TCarbon SteelWD914 (36 )φ1034×19075KGS10TCarbon SteelWD1016 (40 )φ1136×19080KGS10TCarbon SteelWD1067 (42 )φ1187×19082KGS10TCarbon SteelWD1118 (44 )φ1238×19084KGS10TCarbon SteelWD1219 (48 )φ1339×19085KGS10TCarbon SteelWD1320 (52 )φ1440×19090KGS10TCarbon SteelWD1420 (56 )φ1520×19095KGS10TCarbon SteelWD1524 (60 )φ1624×190100KGS20TCarbon SteelWD1575 (62 )φ1675×190105KGS20TCarbon SteelWD1626 (64 )φ1726×190108KGS20TCarbon SteelWD1676 (66 )φ1776×190112KGS20TCarbon SteelWD2032 (80 )φ2162×225148KGS20TCarbon Steel

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