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Hydroponic Carbon Filter

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Product Description
Hydroponic Carbon FilterDescriptionsThe Hydroponic carbon filter within can filter removers 99.9% of all volatiles from the air. For cleaning the incoming,Website:http://www.xxhuahangfilter.com, outgoing or bypassing flow of air from bad smell using physical or chemical adsorption. Advantages:1. high grade carbon inserts 2. remove up to 99.9% of all odors 3. fit for inline fan and ducting Features1.Coco nut active charcoal2.Produce fast3.Supplying ISO 9001: 20004.Efficiency: 99.98 %5.We can manufacture different sizes active carbon filters according to your need.Applications1.flowers house2.medicine3.fish farming4.living room5.Remove chlorine, odor and bad taste in the air, etc.Options:No.Connection      (mm)Out diameter      (mm)Height      (mm)Thickness      (mm)01100180150300210018030030031252051503004125205300300515024030035061502406003507150240100035082002903003509200290600351020029010003511250340600351225034010003513315405600351431540510003515350440120035If you do not find what you need in the part number list, please give us a call at 0086-373-5471699 or mail to: info@huahangfilter.com

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