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Hygroscopic Suede Checked Tpe Yoga Towel

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Hygroscopic suede checked yoga towel Our yoga towel consists of TPE on one side and yoga towel (Hygroscopic and sweat releasing Microfiber Towel) on the other side. TPE side will support a firm cushioning while yoga towel side will absorb sweats and moisturizes during yoga practice.1.Specification:-Standard Dimension: L1830 × W 610× T1.2mm -Color: Standard stock color or customized Pantone color -Patent: 12 types to choose 2.Feature: - Eco-friendly, Recyclable, Biodegradable- Sticky high-performance grip- Unique Textures design for Anti-skid- Double Layers featured with Two Tone Colors- Durable, easy to roll up neatly and lighter to carry3.Application:-Sport field including YOGA, PILATE, and Gymnastics so on.-Skid-Resistance such as TREADMILL and some other indoor sports equipment.- Anti-fatigue, for example: lay on the mat for relaxation.-All kinds of ground practice, sit-ups, push-ups, aerobics, yoga-Can also be used for outdoor picnic.4.Wash and CareClean the mat frequently with mild soap to maintain stickiness.

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