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Hypotonic Full Nutrition Formula

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If you are going to buy customized bulk hypotonic full nutrition formula made in China or check the price and quotation with one of the leading hypotonic full nutrition formula manufacturers and suppliers in China or a such factory, please feel free to contact Nutrition Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.Hypotonic Full Nutrition FormulaA hypotonic formula would have osmolality less than that of body fluids (it has less particles dissolved than there are in human body fluids). Osmolality is the number of particles of solute per Kg of solvent (or think of it as number of particles per Kg of water). Osmolality of human body fluids is ~300 miliosmoles/L. Most enteral feeding products have an osmolality between 250 and 800 miliosmoles/L (i.e fluid-particle distribution of formula is similar to that of body fluids)Most patients can tolerate an isotonic formula well. But to renal or pulmonary patients, isotonic formulas may still intolerant. For those patients with normal nutritional requirement and normal gut function, start with a hypotonic formula at a slow rate and advance slowly to final goal rate of feeding.Hypotonic full nutrition Formula is complete enteral formula designed in hypotonic osmolality and low fat, which efficiently improve nitrogen balance on patients.【Formula Features】: This Formula is an intact protein enteral feeding but with low-fact and hypotonic solution. Efficiently improve nitrogen balance.【Range of application】:Suitable to patients who are with poor gastrointestinal function or gallbladder disease.Suitable to patients who are at initial stage of enteral feeding therapy. 【Usage and Dosage】:Pour warm((50 ℃ or so) 25ml water into a sterilized feeding bottle/container Next, mix warm water with 40g powder.Then, add warm water 135ml and mix evenly.QuantityTotal water demandTotal amount of liquidProvide energy40g160ml183ml145kcal80g320ml366ml291kcal400g1600ml1830ml1450kcal【Recommended dosage】:1. Oral or Tube feeding.2. As a supplement: 45g-90g per day; as completed replacement diet: 270g-360g per day.3. When patients are at initial stage of enteral feeding, or with fat intolerance and other gastrointestinal disorders, it is recommended to be applied from a small, low concentration, slow feeding speed. And then increase gradually to a suitable level.【important note】:1.Unsuitable for infant,patients with severe digestive tract disease and absorption dysfunction.2.Unsuitable for patients with inborn errors of metabolism.3.Unsuitable for patients who with enteral nutrition contraindications. e.g. complete small bowel obstruction4.Preparation should be kept in refrigerator and used in 24 hours.5.Intravenous injection is forbidden.Nutrition factsItemContent of per 100gNRV%Energy1521KJ18%Protein16.0g27

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