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Hz-6000c Transformer Capacity & Loss Tester

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1.Product IntroductionHZ-6000C Transformer Loss Tester is the equipment than can measure no-load current, no-load loss, short ;circuit ;loss, impedance ;voltage, harmonic content, aberration rate, etc diameters for various ;transformers2.Main function and Features1.Can ;measure ;no- ;load ;current, ;no-load ;loss, ;impedance ;voltage, load loss, zero-sequence ;impedance ;of ;various ;transformers.2.Can ;automatically ;adjust ;distortion ;of ;waveform ;and ;adjust ;temperature,voltage ;(no-load ;test ;under ;non-rated ;voltage), ;adjust ;current ;(short ;circuit ;test ;under ;non- ;rated ;current),much suitable for the company without no larger capacity transformer short circuit test.3.Can measure 3 phase voltage,3 phase current, average voltage, two phase active power and total power.4.Can measure 2-42 times harmonic content for each voltage and current, and Each signal’s distortion rate (harmonic distortion degree) 。5.Can indicate current waveform for each voltage and current, directly show Waveform distortion.6.Widely voltage test range maximum 750V, no need gear change then can guarantee accuracy. Won’t damage this equipment cause of mistakes in gear changing.7.Large screen, Chinese menu and operate indicator Achieve a friendly man-machine dialogue, Conductive rubber buttons make the operation more convenient, high brightness of true color liquid crystal display, can adapt to each summer and winter season.8.Users can print out results anytime by the micro-printer.9.All test results can storaged by the record all test results in the form of stored, ready for the inspection.10.Built-in clock, can display the current date and time, can stored records and results at the same time .3.Technical Data:1.Input CharacteristicVoltage test range: 0~750V, wide rangeCurrent Test range: 0~5~100A, auto ranging.2.AccuracyVoltage:±0.2%Current:±0.2%Power:±0.5%(CosΦ>0.1),±1.0%(0.053.Working TemperatureWorking Temperature:-10℃ ~ +40℃4.Power supplyPower supply:AC 160V~265V5.Insulation(1) ;insulation ;resistance ;between ;voltage/current ;input ;terminal ;and ;housing: ;≥100MΩ(2) ;Power ;Frequency ;Withstand ;voltage ;between ;power ;supply ;input ;and ;housing:2KV ;(effective ;value), ;one ;minute6.Dimension:32cm×24cm×13cm7.Weight:3Kg4.Picture

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