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Hz Portable Hvdc Generator

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HZ Portable HVDC GeneratorI  IntroductionPortable  HVDC generator is an important equipment for DC voltage withstand test and  leakage current test of HV electrical equipments, cables, surge arresters in  electric industry and power supply departments. HZ Portable HVDC Generator is  developed based on the calibration made by National HV Meterage Station, it  accords with the standard "Generation Requirement of Portable HVDC  Generator"(HZ 24003-90)The  new technology, new material and optimal selected components are applied, It  has the advantages of high power, small volume, light weight, good performance  and high stability.II Features1. High reliabiliy: high frequency voltage multi-doubler  reticfier, simple circuit, high overload capability, rare fault, without  maintenance.2. Small volume: one person can carry the largest HVDC  generator (200kV/2mA). Its volume is only 1/(2~5) as the  volume of the same kind of equipment made in Japan. It reaches the advanced  level in the world.3. Perfect seal by metal housing, high mechnical stength.  Irs performence will not be influenced by viberation, moisture, dust and  meterological condition.4. Safe, convenience in operation, metal housing  grounded. built-in HV terminals.5. There is no high voltage and low voltage connecter  outside, easy connection.6. Good auto protection function. It can nor be switched  on if the HV output knob is not at zero position. Poeration is simplw. It will  not cause maloperation and automatically switch off in over voltage and  overcurrent case. There is dampong resistor indide.It is not necessary to  connect damping resistor outside.7. Excellent accuracy: The leakage current at HV side is  meadured by digital meter accuracy: 1uA, range switch is not required,  disvharge withstand current measurement function is available at low voltage  side, It use precise resistor with good stability to measure high voltage.III Technique Index1. power: AC220V+10%, 50Hz+1%2. Output voltage indicator accuracy:

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