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Hzws-2 Insulation Oil Karl Fischer Trace Moisture Tester

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HZWS-2 TRACE MOISTURE DETERMINATORKarl Fischer Coulometric titrator for measuring trace moisture content in the sample accurately, this method has widely used with the advantages of high accuracy, low test cost. The instrument is based on Karl Fischer Coulometric titrator principle, accurate determination of liquids, solids, gases trace moisture ,used in the electricity, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.The main functions and features:Used 240*128 graphic dot matrix liquid crystal, no logo button, friendly interface.Used a switching constant-current electrolysis electric circuit (proprietary technology), reduces the power consumption of instrument.With battery portable instrument(apolegamy),the battery is fully charged, under the normal testing state,can be used continuously for more than 8 hours; has the battery power detection and display function;High-precision measuring electrode signal generation and detection circuit, making electrolysis quickly and accurately determine the end point, and has a strong anti-jamming capability;Use two ways electrolyte to correct the measurement results, there are blank current compensation and balance point drift compensation;6.Three formulas for users to choose, automatically calculate the moisture content;7.10 stalls stirring speed adjustment; 10 stalls  electrolysis gain adjustment;8.Has the measuring electrode open-circuit fault, short-circuit fault automatic detection function;9.Automatically stored with time stamp historical records, store up to 255;10.With temperature compensation of calendar clock, accurate, automatic recording determination date and time,under the power down state can operate for more than 10 years;11.With screen protection function, do not operate the instrument for a long time, and automatically turn off the LCD screen, extend the life span LCD, press any key to exit the screen protection status;12.Have USB interface to facilitate communication with the computer.TECHNICAL PARAMETERS1.Electrolytic rate:2200ug/s MAX,(0-400mA Auto control)2.Testing range:0ug~100mg3.Sensitive valve:0.1µg H2O4.Accuracy:10µg~1000µg±3µg;more than1mg,≤于0.3%5.Printer:Miniature thermal printer6.power supply:220V±10% 50Hz,< 40W7.Size:340*295*155mm8.Weight:5.5kg

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