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Immersion Tin Matte Green 6l Multilayer Circuit Board

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Immersion Tin Matte green 6L multilayer circuit boardZITROK CapabilityLayer count: Rigid PCB 2 - 24 + Layers; Rigid-flex PCB 1 - 10LayersPanel Size(max): 21" x 24" for Rigid, 9.05'' x 47.2'' for FPCMaterials: FR-4, roger, high-TG FR-4, halogen-free FR-4Board thickness: 0.016" to 0.120"Copper weight: Heavy copper PCB (6oz finished)Finishing: hot air leveling/HASL(lead free),Immersion gold, immersion silver,gold fingers, carbon ink, OSP, peelable maskMinimum finishing hole size:0.006" Thru Hole (Finished Size) and 0.004" Buried Via,Hole Size Tolerance: ±0.05mm(PTH); ±0.05mm (NPTH)Aspect ratio: 10:01Outline Dimension Tolerance: ±0.13mmConductor Width Tolerance: ±0.05mm or ±20%of Original ArtworkWarp & Twist Ratio: 0.70%Insulation Resistance For E/T test: 10K Ω-20M ΩConductivity Resistance For E/T test:

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