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Important Raw Material For Compound Refrigerant R143a

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Product Description
R143a or simply trifluoroethane, is a fluorocarbon compound that is a clear, colorless gas. It is used as a refrigerant either by itself or more commonly as a component of blended mixtures. Unlike CFCs used as refrigerants, R143a has no chlorine atoms and is therefore not an ozone-depleting chemical, though its high chemical stability and infra-red absorbency make it a potent greenhouse gas. R143a is also used as a propellant in canned air products used to clean electronic equipment.NamesIUPAC name1,1,1-TrifluoroethaneOther namesMethylfluoroform, 1,1,1-Trifluoroform, R-143a, HFC-143a, UN 2035IdentifiersCAS Number420-46-2 ChemSpider9484 EC Number206-996-5Jmol 3D modelInteractive imagePubChem9868PropertiesChemical formulaC2H3F3Molar mass84.04 g/molAppearanceColourless gasDensity3.7 kg/m3 (gas)Melting point−111 °C (−168 °F; 162 K)Boiling point−47.6 °C (−53.7 °F; 225.6 K)Vapor pressure11 200 hPa (20 °C)

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