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Inconel 600 Sheet

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Product Description

Heanjia Super Metal Co., ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of inconel 600 Sheet that offers resistance in the variety of corrosive media, resists the stress corrosion cracking in the chloride solutions. It is a consistent, austenitic solid solution alloy and used in the furnace and heating operations for boxes, muffles, wire belts and roller hearths.


Characteristics of Inconel 600 Sheet:

1.Extremely Intact to chlorine stress corrosion cracking.

2.Resistance to dry gases like chlorine and hydrogen chloride from normal temperature to high temperatures.

3.Resistance to corrosion in the different types of conditions, ammonia, nitrogen and carburizing gases.


Applications of Inconel 600 Sheet:

1. Thermocouple shielding.

2. Ethylene dichloride (EDC) cracking vessels.

3. Conversion of uranium dioxide to tetra fluoride with hydrofluoric acid.

4. Producing caustic alkalis particularly in the presence of sulfur compounds.

5. Reactor tubes and heat exchanger tubing used in preparing vinyl chloride.

6. Process equipment used in the production of chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons.

7. Nuclear Reactors

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