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Inconel Wire Mesh

Product Description

Inconel Wire Mesh Screen provides excellent resistance to the many corrosive environments such as acids, alkalies, oxidizing and reducing conditions. It is utilized in the elevated temperature operations.

The Inconel Wire Mesh Screen offers large fatigue strength at the room temperature to the hot regions. It is constructed to get the high creep rupturing strength at the high temperature limits. The solution annealing is recommended to obtain the grain growth for high creeping resistance at the grand temperature levels. The minor modification in the composition leads to grain development and enhances the stress rupturing features.

Properties of Inconel Wire Mesh Screen:
1. Intense mechanical strength: tensile strength, fatigue strength and creep-rupturing
2. Good weldable character restricts post weld age cracking.
3. Oxidation resistance at the numerous temperatures limits
4. Remarkable resistance to corrosion.
5. Non-magnetic nature

Applications of Inconel Wire Mesh Screen:
1. Gas turbine components
2. Cryogenic tanks and Forming equipments.
3. Extrusion dies.
4. Heat processing and nuclear reactor applications.
5. Liquid fuel rocket motor parts
6. Springs and fastener components

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