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Inconel X-750 Wire

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Product Description

Heanjia Super Metals Co., Ltd is a premier manufacturer and supplier of Inconel X-750 wire that is used in significant industrial operations for its superior resistance to oxidation and corrosion as well as high potential feature at elevated temperatures of 1300oF. The alloy offers excellent features to cryogenic temperatures.


Properties of inconel X-750 :

1. It consists of variety of resistances features.

2. It is extremely age toughened as well as frozen strained

3. It performs tremendously well in high temperature utilizations.

4. In acidic gas environments inconel X750 is preferred to use.


Applications of Inconel X-750 :

1.Nuclear Reactors

2.Gas turbines and Jet engine components

3.Aero components manufacturing

4.Hot air piping

5.Heat Treating fixtures



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