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Indoor Bamboo Floor/flooring Used In Inside Apartment Decoration Bamboo Floor

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Indoor Bamboo floor/Flooring used in inside apartment decoration Bamboo floor

Bamboo is a resource that has been used for centuries because of its hardness, durability and ability to withstand many years of use. Bamboo is an environmentally sound alternative and is nature's substitute for the beautiful yet endangered rain forest hardwoods. Bamboo board stitching with adhesive, after  high temperature and high pressure. Flooring non-toxic, solid and stable, not open plastic, no deformation. After the removal of sugar, fat, starch, protein and other special harmless treatment of bamboo, with superior anti-moth function. Floor with high-quality imported wear-resistant paint seal, fire-retardant, wear-resistant, mildew. The  indoor bamboo floor  surface is smooth and soft, geometric size is good, the quality is stable. It is a high-class decoration material such as house, hotel and office.

Jiangmen Buangchi Import & Export Co., Ltd. is an import and export enterprise integrating production and marketing, with three plywood manufacturers, one machinery factory, one bamboo-wood furniture and floor factory and one cabinet customization company in the downstream subordinates. With reliable production quality, our company has spread the business all over Asia, Europe as well as north and south Americas, and become an ideal choice at home and abroad, with the product cost performance higher than that of the same industry. Quality wood timber suppliers, to provide quality wood products




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