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Industrial Air Grinding Mechanical Pulverizer

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industrial air grinding mechanical pulverizerProduct Description1, the same energy consumption, crushing production ratio of jet, fluidized bed type airflow mill to improve 1 times.2, even the machine can be 1 ~ 4 level classifier configuration, can also produce a number of narrow size distribution products.3, the production of narrow size distribution of the product, the finished product rate than the traditional jet, fluidized bed type airflow mill to improve more than 1 times.4, the use of a machine, as a stand-alone single can be used as classifier mill.5, the configuration of self shunt grading system, product size distribution is narrow, the classification of the service life than the horizontal, vertical grading wheel to improve 5 ~ 8 times.6, feed size range, the maximum feed size of 5mm.7, not only for ultrafine grinding, both particle shaping and particle scatter function.8, flammable, explosive, easy to oxidize the material can be used as a medium to achieve a closed circuit grinding inert gas, inert gas recycling, very low loss.9, low temperature, medium crushing, superfine grinding is especially suitable for low melting point and heat sensitive materials.10, the wear is very small, especially suitable for high hardness, high purity of the material ultra-fine grinding.11, the equipment structure is compact, the inside and outside wall polishing, the crushing box has no material, no dead angle, easy to cleanProduct AdvantageCyclone type airflow crusher is developed by our company own property right type airflow crusher, it appeared to solve the high energy consumption of jet mill, the disadvantage of low yield is renewal product of the jet, fluidized bed type airflow crusher, technical performance than similar products at home and abroad.Working PrincipleCompressed air after cooling, filtering, drying, through the nozzle formation of supersonic air injected into the rotation of the grinding chamber, the material fluidization, in rotating crushing chamber, material is accelerated at the intersection confluence of a plurality of nozzles, resulting in violent collision, friction, shear and the formation of particles and ultrafine grinding of. After crushing the material by rising air transportation to the impeller grading in the region, in grading wheel centrifugal force and the air blower suction force, the separation of coarse powder, to meet the size requirements limit the fine powder with the air into the host of the classifier, in the classification zone of impeller to finished product powder by the classifier outlet collection, fine in size requirements of fine powder with the air into the cyclone collector and a bag type dust collector collected, purified gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.Technical ParameterModelQLNM-3QLNM-6QLNM-10QLNM-20QLNM-40Input Size (mm)≤3≤3≤3≤3≤3Output Size(μm)2~1502~1502~1502~1502~150Capacity(kg/h)20~15060~300120~700250~1500600~3000Air Volumn (m3/min)36102040Air Pressure(mPa)≥0.8≥0.8≥0.8≥0.8≥0.8Power(kw)32.56085172.5317.5ApplicationIt is widely used in chemical, mining, abrasive, refractory materials, battery materials, metallurgy, building materials, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, food, pesticides, feed, new materials, environmental protection and other industries and a variety of powder material of ultrafine crushing, beaten and particle shaping.Service1. Our company supply not only the host machine of pulverizer, but also supply complete sets of equipment, even powder project. 2. All kinds of wearing parts is available for replacement. 3. We can also special design and produce products according to your demands.4. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.Package & Transportation1. Package products can be transported by both bus and train. It’s not allowed to make big shock or vibration to prevent parts out of shape, lost or damage.2. Storage should be airy, rain-proof and sun-proof. 3. To paint anticorrosion paint if store for a long time.Company InformationShengzhou Xinle Pulverizing Equipments Co., ltdNo.38 Luodong Road, Shanhu District, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 312400 ChinaWebsite: Email: Tel: +86(0)575-83136228 Fax: +86(0)575-83112030 Mobile:+86(0)15968531666

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