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Industrial Silicon Furnace

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Smelting categories: Industrial siliconProduction: 24t-28t a day/piecePower consumption: 11000~13500KW·h/tDetailed description:一.Brand and use of industrial silicon alloy:Industrial silicon is also called the crystalline silicon or industrial silicon. The main purpose of industrial silicon is used as the additives of nonferrous alloy. Industrial silicon is also used as alloy agent of demanding silicon steel, and deoxidizer in smelting special steel and nonferrous alloy. After a series of industrial processing, industrial silicon can be made into single crystal silicon for the use of the electronics industry. Industrial silicon now is widely used in compound alloy, preparing high purity semiconductor materials, producing solar cells, making temperature resistant materials and organic silicon, etc. Our society has entered in the information age and in the industrial developed countries, it has been widely used in scientific research as well as electrical, aviation, machinery, chemical industry, medicine, national defense and other fields.Product levelCard number(code)                     Chemical compositionSi(>)Impurity content(≤)Sum of impurities  (

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