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Industrial Vacuum, Vacuum Furnace, High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

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Basic Info.Model NO.:RGType: FurnaceStructure:Vertical TypeBrand:HUAHONGPackage:Wooden CaseSpecification:different model different sizesTrademark:HUAHONGOrigin:ChinaInput Material:MGO\Mno2\Zro2 \V2o5\TiO2Lithium-Ion Battery Material:Lithium Cobalt Oxide, Lithium ManganateComposition:QuartzCarbon Content:Medium-CarbonGrade:Industrial GradeForming Way:Molded GraphiteCrystal Morphology:Flake GraphiteHS Code:85141090Production Capacity:100000 Sets/YearProduct DescriptionHigh vacuum & high temperature microwave sintering /tube / muffle furnace,(for dental, zirconia, bridge and cown, ceramics,electrodes materials, graphene, graphite, etc, with inert gas, reducing gas, vacuum, protective gas,  etc....) What the microwave technology can be used for?  (Microwave furnace manufactured by Langfeng Metallic Material,; can be used in following field:  Microwave puffing, micrwave roasting, microwave calcination, microwave pyrolysis, microwave sintering, microwave drying, microwave catalysis, microwave crystallization;our products include:microwave reactor; microwave muffle furnace; microwave tube furnace;microwave atmosphere furance; microwave atmosphere furance; microwave vacuum sintering furnace; microwave atmosphere pressure furnace; microwave atmosphere air pressure furnace;Application field:1. compounding and sintering of inorganic powder1). Carbide: SiC, CrC, VC, etc2). Nitride: Si3N4, MnxNy, AlN, VN, CrN, etc3). Electronic ceramic powder: barium titanate, barium-strontium titanate, strontium titanate, barium zirconate titanate, etc.4). Fluorescent powder (LED powder, three primary colors, long after glowing phosphor powder, etc)5). Lithium-ion battery material: lithium cobaltoxide, lithium manganate, LiFePO4, etc, anode and cathode carbon materials.6). Multi colors ceramic pigment, glaze material, ceramic raw material, etc.2. inorganic material/products sintering1). Electronic ceramic: BaTiO3, SrTiO3, ZnO piezoelectric ceramics, PTC thermo-sensitive components, etc.2). bio medical ceramic: man-made bones, teeth, MgO, Al2O3, ZrO2, SiC, Y2O3, Si3N4, SiO2, etc high performance structure ceramic.3). Daily-used ceramics, arts and crafts ceramic.3. incinerating4. melting and thermal treatment5. melt oxidized ore carbon thermal reduction Configuration and performance:1. Using stepless adjustable, high stability and long lifetime, CW industry level microwave source to make sure that the system can run continuous and stable for long time.2. Use high accuracy IR thermometer to measure sample temperature directly.3. Equipped with 2nd level high vacuum machine unit and multi channels gas way, atmosphere in the furnace can be controlled accurately.4. Equipped with embeded computer control system, provide 3 operation mode: manual, auto and constant temperature which can be free switched.5. multi original special crucible can be chosen, material placed in the crucible will not be polluted.6. Materials with different coupling degree with microwave source can be processed-with high universality.7. Set anticorrosion exhaust way to exhaust gas produced in the heating process quickly.8. Real time temperature chart display can dynamic monitor the heating process.9. Secure and reliable microwave shielding chamber design, multi leakage-proof protection.  ModelDSC1500Output Power0.2 - 1.45kW variable Overall Dimensions (mm)650 × 650 × 550 (W×D×H)750 × 750 × 660 (W×D×H)Effective Heating Zone (mm)105 × 105 × 50 (W×D×H)180 × 150 × 160 (W×D×H)Maximum Temperature1600oC    ModelLF-CMaximumTemperature1650ºCMicrowave Frequency2450MHzInput Power 380V±10%, 3Φ, 50Hz, 4AOutput Power1.5/4kW (optional) VariablePrecision of Power Control

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