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Infusion Pump Battery

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If you are checking China infusion pump battery, medical infusion pump battery manufacturer and supplier, or infusion pump battery chinese factory, please feel free to contact M-Batt Electronics, we are always at your service.Battery pack:DF18650-3S1P Nominal Voltage:11.1VRated capacity: 2200mAhstandard discharge :0.2CMax. Discharge current :1CWorking temperature: charge:0~45℃discharge:-20~60℃D:MAX 35.3*37*67mm Internal resistance:≤300mΩ  PCM:IC-S8254AAM+MOS-AO4435 Wire model:UL1007/20#R/B/Y length:55mmProtection parameters:over charge protection voltage: 4.2±0.025V/ cellover discharge protection voltage   2.5±0.08Vmax current: 8~15ALength: 65mm MAXWidth: 35mm MAXThickness: 6.5mm MAXPCM Specification7.1 Environment request/: RoHS.7.2 Function description/Over charge protection,Over discharge protection, Over current protection, Short circuit protectionPackaging: Using DF standard packaging.Storage:The polymer Li-ion battery should be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area, and should be far from the fire and the high temperature.The best capacity in storage is 30%-50% (voltage between 3.7-3.9V).The battery should be stored within the proper temperature and humidity range specified by specification.If stored for more than six months or longer, the battery will be suggested to charge.Transportation:Forbidden to mix battery with other goods.Forbidden to immerse battery into liquid such as water or soak it with liquid.Forbidden to deposit battery over 6 layers or upside-down.The highest temperature during battery transportation should be lower than 65℃.AttentionsAvoid insolation or dropping into fire.Avoid shorting the battery.Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration.Don’t disassemble or deform the battery.Don’t immerse in water.Don’t use the battery mixed with other model or manufacturer batteries.Battery usage by children should be supervised. Charge· Battery charge should be used appropriate charger.· Forbidden to use modified or damaged charger.· Forbidden to charge over 24 hours for battery.· Charge current: can’t surpass the biggest charge current specified by battery specification.· Charge voltage: can’t surpass the highest charge voltage specified by battery specification.· Charge temperature: The battery should be charged within proper temperature range specified in specification.· Forbidden of reverse charge:The battery should be connected correctly, the polarity has to be confirmed before wiring in caseof the battery is connected improperly, the battery can’t be charge. Simultaneously, the reverse charge may cause damaging to the battery which may lead to degradation of battery performance and damage the battery safety, and could cause heat generation or leakage.Discharge:Discharge current:can’t surpass the biggest discharge current specified by battery specification.Discharge temperature:The battery should be discharged within proper temperature range specified by specification.Over-discharge:it should be noted that the battery would be at over-discharged state by its self-self-discharge characteristics in case the battery is not used for long time.To prevent over-discharge, the battery shall be charged periodically to maintain between 3.7V and 3.9V.

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