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Injection Modified Plastic Material Auto Part Base Cover Polyamide Nylon 6.6 , Nylon 66 Filled Glass

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Xiamen Keyuan Plastic Co.,Ltd is one of the professional glass fiber filled nylon 66 manufacturers, you can order high quality glass fiber filled nylon 66 at good price from our factory.PA66-product SpecificationsSpecifications  Glass Fiber Reinforced PA66 Material 1.excellent strength, rigidity and thermal stability.2.widely used for electrical tools, electrical enclosure, textile equipment,auto parts We also can modified plastic materials according to customer’s need. Product namePA6/PA66 reinforced with (5%-55%)GF / (10%-50%)toughness /(V0,V1,V2)FR/ UVColorAs requiredAdvantageCompetitive price,high quality,on-time delivery,free sampleEnvironment friendlyHigh Heat Resistance,High impact resistanceWithout any impurityCan be reinforced with the glass fiber/toughness/flame retardant/UV stabilizerPacking25kg/bag (also can be customized)PA66-Product PropertiesItemTypical CharacteristicTesting StandardKY-NA69G20KY-NA69G33KY-NA69G50Density1.28g/cm31.42g/cm31.57g/cm3ASTM D-792Glass Fiber203P%---Molding Shrinkage0.4-0.7%0.3-0.4%0.2-0.4%ASTM D-955Water Absorption2.0%1.70%≤0.8%ASTM D-570Rockwell Hardness120 R scale120 R scale120 R scaleASTM D-785Tensile Strength185MPa196MPa216MPaASTM D-638Flexural Strength240MPa262MPa305MPaASTM D-790Elongation at break5%3-5%2%ASTM D-638Flexural Modulus6900MPa8960MPa12800MPaASTM D-790Izod Notched Impact Strength90J/m120J/m160J/mASTM D-256Melting Point260℃260℃263℃ASTM D-3418Heat Deflection Temperature230℃250℃250℃ASTM D-648Flame RetardantHBHBHBUL 94Use temperatureProcessing temperature : 250 - 290 °CMould temperature      : 80 - 120 °CBack pressure          : ca.10 - 15 barInjection speed        :  medium/highPre-drying             :  necessaryPA66-Product certificationPA66-ProductionflowPA66-ProductionflowPA66-Tranportways

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