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Innovative Products Professional Whitening Dental - Life Nano Plastic Product (zhangzhou) Co.,ltd

Innovative Products Professional Whitening Dental

Product Description

Model Number: LF005

3 Main Advantages:
1.Nano Tube Technology: Easily absorb teeth stains
2.Instantly Restore White Teeth: Fast to remove teeth stains/plaque
3.Does NOT hurt enamel: Chemical free, water only to erase teeth stains
Advantages compared to other teeth cleaning product:
Main Characteristics and Advantage, comparing to other teeth cleaning products in market:                                                                 1.100% Safe, No chemical contained, only need water.
2.Revolutionary teeth cleaning by Physical Absorption Principle to clean and remove brown teeth and keep teeth whitening, harmless to dental enamel.
3.More obvious and much quicker effect/result, but cheaper price than other teeth cleaning products.
4.Eco-friendly, 99% natural anti-bacterial.
5.Exclusive Patent Product, no competitors.

Teeth Whitening Application:
DIY teeth clean, maintain your teeth anytime and anywhere. Whitening your teeth at once. The stubborn stains and dental plaque on brown teeth and black teeth caused by smoking, tea, coffee, fruit juice, chewing areca-nut, and other food colourings.  

How does it work
Magic teeth cleaning kit with our advanced high density compressed sponge is a New Hot Selling Product that we develop with nano tech. Each nano particle in the interior nano capilary tube is much smaller than ten thousandth of a hair strand, and works fast to absorb the stains from your tooth surface. It is the most effective against stubborn stains and plaque caused by smoking, coffee, iced tea and more.

Removes stains from tooth surface based on Physical Absorption Process! Doesn't hurt the enamel!

Water only, quick and efficiency. No chemical, Harmless to dental enamel. Daily living’s protector. Easy carrying. Eco-friendly.Recover you snow-white teeth, promote your confidence and show your charm


Suitable for Tobacco stains, coffee stains, tea stains, wine stains, areca-nut and other food colouring.

How to use

1.   Moisturize the front white sponge strip with water and squeeze out excess water.

2.   Gently brush your teeth up and down for at least one minute.The stains and plaque 

will be absorbed onto the sponge surface.

3.  Gargle or Rinse mouth after using.

4.  Quick and effective cleaning of teeth,several times maybe needed for heavy teeth stains.

Refilling instruction
  1. Open the fixture   2. Insert the new refill    3. Fold the sponge   4. Close/Clamp fixture

 Customized is available, combination is available, printing design is available

 Product Safety

    Melamine is an eco-friendly innovative raw material, SGS & BV certificated.
    Same melamine material widely used for the baby's tableware and kitchen cookware.
    Nano-grade particle,micro-fibres much smaller than ten thousandth of a hair strand.

Other products

Company Info

Life Nano Plastic Product (zhangzhou) Co.,ltd
Contact Person:
Life nano
+86 0592-2296206


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