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Insulating Glass Hot Melt Butyl

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Product Description
product Model No  Mian Material Classification CAS No MF  Place of  Origin Insulating Glass hot melt butyl 702 butyl hot melt adhesives 9003-27-4 BiPb Shanghai, China 1.Description Insulation Glass hot melt butylis the first insulating glass sealant with permanent plastic.Based on its highairtightness andexcellentUV resistance,it can be asuperior anti-moisture system together with Silicone sealant or polysulfidesealant.In the -40℃~130℃within 20hours of continuous use of non-powder,non-hardening,without losing stick,do not decompose.Low density,high brightness,excellent extrusion. 2.Application Area: As a first insulating glass sealant in insulating glass production,to complete the double sealing with Silicone sealant,polysulfide sealant.Keepthe applyingarea clean and dry,use the special hot-melt extrusion pump.Extrusiontemperature at 120℃-140℃,environmental temperature>8℃.Control of the glue by adjusting the rubber pump with the difference ofthe temperature.

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