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Integrated Solar Led Street Light

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Integrated Solar LED Street LightIntegrated Solar LED Street Light comprises solar cells,Website:, photovoltaic controller, storage battery, LED lamp and poles. The light is with overcharge and over discharge protection, reverse connection protection, control, optical control and other functions, and it also can adjust and control automatically.Operation PrincipleThe system utilizes photovoltaic effect principle, solar panels absorbs solar radiation and stored it into the battery, when environment illumination is less than 30-50 Lux, the light will start output, drive LED lights by detecting the signal of the voltage changing. When there is people go by, the light will output full power.Features·The integrated design of PV,battery, and the head of lamp, it is convenient for installation.·According to the light intensity automatically lit LED lights, if no one pass,the whole system will run with 1/3 of the total power, when people pass , it will full power running.·Intelligent battery protection, high safety, long cycle life.ModelL15-108L25-160PVTypeMonocrystalline SiliconMonocrystalline SiliconPower20W40WDimension344mm×480mm344mm×754mmLED LampPower15W25WSolar Charging and Discharging ControllerTypePWMPWMSystem Voltage12V12VRated Charging Current3A3AMaximum Photovoltaic Voltage22V22VMaximum Output Power10W20WOptically Controlled Opening ThresholdPV 8V(Delay10S)PV 8V(Delay10S)Optically Controlled Closing ThresholdPV 8V(Delay1min)PV 8V(Delay1min)IP degreeIP68IP68Lithium  BatteryTypeLithium Iron PhosphateLithium Iron PhosphateNominal Voltage12.8V12.8VNominal Capacity8.5Ah8.5AhCharging Temperature0℃~70℃0℃~70℃Discharging Temperature-20℃~80℃-20℃~80℃Cycle Life3000 residual>80000 residual>80%SafetyAcupuncture, overcharge, heavy impacting, short circuit, no fire, no explosion.Whole LampWorking ModeWhole system will run with 1/3 of the total power, when  people pass, it will full power running.Full Power Operation Duration10h8h1/3 Power Operation Duration30h24hDimension960×400×110mm1230×400×110mmWeight10.3kg13.8kg

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