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Intelligent Lcd Temperature Controller

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CJLC * 908 LCD series intelligent temperature controllerAn overviewInstrument for liquid crystal display (LCD),Website:, controlled by MCU, thermal resistance, thermocouple, voltage, current, and other free input signal, ten kinds of alarm, manual switch, with a standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol, main control way in addition to the conventional two type, on the basis of traditional PID control algorithm, combined with fuzzy control theory to create a new artificial intelligence to adjust PID control algorithm, on the various systems, the instrument most of the parameter self-tuning can get satisfactory control effect, has no overshoot, strong resistance to disturbance, etc.Second, the main technical indicators1 basic error: plus or minus 0.5% or less F.S plus or minus 1 word2 the cold end compensating error: plus or minus 2.0 ℃ or less 3 sampling period: 0.5 seconds4 control cycle: relay output with the valve position control of the control cycle for 2 ~ 120 seconds is adjustable, the other for 2 seconds.5 alarm output back to bad (not sensitive area) : 0.5 or 56 relay contact output: AC220V / 5 A (impedance load) or AC220V / 0.3 A (inductive load)7 drive SCR pulse output: 3 v or higher amplitude, width of 50 mu S or zero or phase shift trigger pulse (Yin)8 driving signal output: solid state relay drive current 15 ma or higher, voltage 9 v or higher9 continuous PID adjusting analog output: 0 ~ 10 ma (500 + 200 Ω load), 4 ~ 20 ma (250 + 100 Ω load),Or 0 ~ 5 v (100 k Ω load or greater), 1 ~ 5 v (load 100 k Ω or higher)10 meter working power supply: AC85V ~ 242 v (switching power supply), 50/60 hz, or other special orders11 work environment: the temperature of 0 ~ 50.0 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 85% of the places where no corrosive gas and no strong electromagnetic interference

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