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Intelligent Programmable Temperature Controller

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XMT*- 908P 64 Program temperature ControllerⅠ、Main Technical Indexes1、Basic error: ≤±0.5%F.S±1B2、Cold end compensating deviation: ≤±2.0℃3、Sampling period:0.5 second4、Control cycle:relay output 2~120S , other is 2S.5、Alarm output the drop in level:0.5 or 56、Relay output contact capacity:AC220V/5A (resistance load) or AC220V/0.3A (perceptual load)7、Dring controllable pulse output:≥3V scope,≥50μS widthcontact with pulse when move to exceed zero8、Driving solid relay signal output: driving electric current≥15mA, voltage≥9V.9、Continuous PID  : 0~10mA (load 500±200Ω), 4~20mA (load 250±100Ω),       or 0~5V (load≥100kΩ) , 1~5V (load≥100kΩ)10、Power: AC90V~242V, 50/60Hz11、Work environment: temperature 0~50.0℃, humidity≤85%RH, without corrode and strong electric radiation.Ⅱ、Product code:           XMT □   9  □  8  □   P           (1)  ⑵ (3) (4) (5)(6)(1) Meter faceplate and Installation dimension(mm):Blank: 160×80×130    156×76;           A: 96×96×110      92×92;        D: 72×72×110      68×68;           E: 48×96×110      44×92;        F: 96×48×110      92×44;           S: 80×160×130      76×156;        G: 48×48×110      44×44(2)Design serial number(3)Alarm:  " 0": no set alarm       " 1or2": one alarm        "5": voice alarm  "3": two group alarm (Alarm mode can be selected by the parameter ALP)(4)Input signal:     "8": Free exchange of the input signal(5)Control method: Blank: Relay contact;         "G": Solid state relay;"A": Zero passed trigger of controlled silicon;  " A3": Three-phase over-zero trigger adjustment;" B": Controlled silicon phase-shifted trigger;  "C": 0-10mA or 4-20mA constant electric current output;(6)"P":64 segment program(It contains 32 rise temperature segments and 32 constant temperature segments.)Ⅲ、Panel schematic diagram(consult)

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