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Intermediate Metal Conduit Hot-dip Galvanized

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Kald Int'l Industry Limited is one of the leading China imc pipe hdg manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to buy low price and high-quality imc pipe hot-dip galvanized, imc tube hot-dip galvanized, imc conduit hot-dip galvanized, imc pipe class 4, imc tube hot-dip galvanized class 4 and wholesale our good products.Product: IMC Pipe HDGDescription:* IMC, with its lighter weight, easier wire pulling, more precise tolerances, and higher yield and tensile strengths,IMC can be used under all atmospheric conditions and occupancies.* Hot dip galvanized Trade SizeDimensionO.D.*wall thickness*length1/2"20.7mm*1.98mm*3.05m3/4"26.1mm*2.10mm*3.05m1"32.8mm*2.35mm*3.05m1-1/4"41.6mm*2.42mm*3.05m1-1/2"47.8mm*2.54mm*3.05m2"59.9mm*2.67mm*3.05m2-1/2"72.6mm*3.81mm*3.05m3"88.3mm*3.81mm*3.05m3-1/2"100.9mm*3.81mm*3.05m4"113.4mm*3.81mm*3.05m

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