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Internal Welding Machine

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Internal welding clampInternal welding clamp similar with internal alignment clamp, but it have additional function of full automatic welding system, when machine working, air source though motor and a serial valves to boost two rows clamp shoes against two pipe ends, though remote controller operate alignment and doing preheating advanced, make sure the welding ends  temperature arrive to target standard, Fire, then welding action start, first clockwise root weld welding seam for half of pipe automatically, then anticlockwise root weld the next half of pipe, after completing welding, test whether welding seam arrive to target standard.Technical points and advantages of DP internal welding clampDriven mode is double sides double wheels, each wheel is 90°to the horizontal planeTravel parts are controlled by pneumatic type and electric type, exactly control method depends on actual situation.Wire feeding part will be feed-back timely, automatic correction speedy function additionally.-50°~+70°Fit for extremely cold and hot temperature work during -50°to  +70°Operation parts are controlled by near-by and remote controller, self-prepared controlHigh vibration frequency, small swing widthSwing width can be adjustable by triangular wave, trapezoidal wave and square wave, etcController can correct TrimWelding torch adjustable angle is ±15°Specification of DP internal welding clampModelDPIWM24-26"DPIWM28-30"DPIWM32-34"DPIWM36-38"DPIWM40-42"Applicable range (mm)φ610 - 660φ711 - 762φ813 - 863φ914 - 965φ1016 - 1066Product dimension (mm)φ560 x 4000φ650 x 4200φ720 x 4345φ850 x 4500φ950 x 4600Number of clamp shoes (pc)12 x 212 x 218 x 218 x 218 x 2Expanding force (T)183270270450650Travelling speed (m/s)0 ~ 2.50 ~ 2.50 ~ 2.50 ~ 2.50 ~ 2.5Working pressure (MPa)≤1.6≤ of welding torches (pc)22446Feed rate of welding wire (m/min)8.5 - 108.5 - 108.5 - 108.5 - 108.5 - 10Applicable thickness (mm)6 - 306 - 306 - 306 - 306 - 40Wireless remote control to walkOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalWeight (kg)10301200135016501850

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