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Ip54 Led 2d Bulkheads

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IP54 LED 2D Bulkheads Key Features• Durable IP54-rated housing• Multiple functions: Standard / Microwave sensor /Emergency• 3 hours emergency at 10% lumen outputConstruction Features• IP54 waterproof plastic case• Gear tray as light unit for easy replacement• Easy InstallationApplication• Replaces fluorescent 2D lamp• Bathrooms and kitchens• Stairwells and corridors• Architectural lightingTechnical Features• Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz• Operation Voltage: DC36-42V• Power Factor:W/O MW: PF>0.95With MW: PF>0.7• Color Index: Ra>80• 3 hours emergency at 10% Lumen output• 10% or 0% microwave sensor• Switching cycle before failure: 50,Website:http://www.toppoledlighting.com,000• IP Rating: IP54• Life Span: 30,000 hours• Warranty: 3 years• Operation Temperature: -15°C~+50°C• Storage Temperature: -25°C~+55°CProduct FunctionProductNameProductCodeRatedPowerLED QtyLuminous  Flux(Bulkhead)Luminous Flux(Geartray)EmergencyTime &LMCRIStandard2D BHD2D01BK-16F116W36pcstyp.1200Lmtyp.1700Lm/>80Standard+ Emergency2D EM BHD2D01BK-16F216W39pcstyp.1200Lmtyp.1700Lm3h / 160Lm>80Standard+ 0%MW2D 0% MS BHD2D01BK-16F316W36pcstyp.1200Lmtyp.1700Lm/>80Standard +Emergency + 0%MW2D EM 0% MS BHD2D01BK-16F416W39pcstyp.1200Lmtyp.1700Lm3h / 160Lm>80Standard+ 10%MW2D 10% MS BHD2D01BK-16F516W36pcstyp.1200Lmtyp.1700Lm/>80Standard +emergency +10%MW2D EM 10% MS BHD2D01BK-16F616W39pcstyp.1200Lmtyp.1700Lm3h / 160Lm>80

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