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Ir-110 Polyether Siloxane Copolymer

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无标题文档Organic Silicon Surface Additive for Reducing the Surface Tension Composition IR-110Polyether siloxane copolymer (equivalent to TEGO-410)Typical Properties Density at 20℃ g/mlNon-volatile matter %Flash point ℃IR-1101.03>97>100These properties are provided as typical properties, NOT THE PRODUCTS TECHNICAL INDEX.Proposed Dosages Wood and furniture coatingsWaterborne and solvent industrial coatingsWater-based varnishPrinting inksDecorative coatingsIR-1100.05-0.5%0.03-0.3%0.1-1%0.05-1%0.05-0.3%The above recommended dosages strongly depend on pigment particle size. Optimal dosages should be calculated in the laboratory according to different formula.Addition Methods Process Technology Instructions - Add to the coating as supplied or after predilution. - Conducive to addition and mix by adding suitable solvent for predilution Features Flow levelingWater      solubilitySlip      effectDegassing effectAnti-crater effectAnti-blocking/      release effectIR-1102450540=no effect……5=strong effect             Special Features      IR-110- commonly used in waterborne, radiation-curing and solvent borne formulations - outstanding effectiveness in high-solids formulations - highly effective - improve scratch resistance - prevent and eliminate craters caused by contamination - prevent patchy matting and surface irregularities in solvent borne formulations through controlled orientation of the matting agent - with additional anti-blocking effectSolubility      Mixing ratio parts by weightwaterbutyl glycolacetonebutyl acetatestyreneTPGDAxylenemineral spiritIR-1101:100-++++++-1:4-++++++-+ = clear, soluble   o = opalescent    - = cloudy, insolublePackage and Storage Packed in iron drums of 25 or 200kg net each. Validity period is 12 months in sealed containers.!doctype

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