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Ironclad Kong Original Impact Protection Gloves

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Ironclad KONG Original Impact Protection Gloves#SDXKONG ORIGINAL Impact Protection Gloves developed to address costly hand injuries to workers in the oil and gas industry.This glove established a new category of hand protection and continues to set the standard. KONG ORIGINAL is now widely used by many industries where there is a risk of bruising blows, hairline fractures or pinched fingers.Accept no substitutes! Field proven to reduce or eliminate injures. Over 1 million pairs of hands are protected by KONG. 1. I.D. tag2. Extended neoprene cuff3. Exclusive palm material4. KONG metacarpal protection5. KONG knuckle protection6. Patent pending finger protection7. Thermoplastic Rubber (Ribs), Foam Rubber (Patting), PVC (Dots), Synthetic Leather (Palm), Neoprene (Cuff)

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