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Isotonic Flush Fluid

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Product Description
Disineer Isotonic flush fluid                 PRODUCT  DESCRIPTION    Character This product is colorless and transparent to clarify the liquid; taste slightly salty. Osmotic pressure, osmotic pressure of 308 mmol / L; pH value 7 - 4.5; sterility.Component Sodium chloride solution containing sodium chloride 900mg per 100ml.Product efficacy1.For a variety of urinary tract surgery in the cavity, to maintain a clear vision.2.Surgical wound cleaning.3.Mucous membrane cleaning.4.The operation with the prostate plasma electric cutting mirror, holmium laser, green laser, Department of orthopedics, arthroscopy, gynecology and obstetrics, such as the use of electric cutting mirror.5.Intraoperative and postoperative flushing.                             NOTE  Rinse solution should be clear, disposable. If there is suspended, leakage should be prohibited to use.Valid for 24 months.Specification 3000ml/ bag * 4 bag / box    1000ml/ bag * 12bag / box                         PACKING                                         OUR SERVICES    Customers would be provided with below services if you are interested in our products.A.  Professional recommendations on tape choice for customers.B.  Free samples available.C.  Competitive prices.D.  In time delivery.E.  Quality assurance. WHY CHOOSE US?1.Our company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, production, sales and service of medical high-end disinfectant2.We have a professional team of science and technology3. We can provide professional delivery to guarantee the timely4.Safe and fastservice.                COMPANY INFORMATION FACTORY SHOWFACTORY HONORSIf you are interested in our products, and need to order our products, please sent your demand information to us ( We will give you a reply in the shortest time.

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