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Isotropic Flexible Magnets

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Introduction of Isotropic Flexible Magnet   Isotropic Flexible Magnets are Rubber permanent magnets, which are compound materials made by mixing ferrite magnet powder and rubber. The flexible nature of the material enables forming into intricate, tight-tolerance shapes. They are also easy to be designed into various shapes like slice, ribbon, sheet, and roll etc. However, since the material is an alloy of ceramic ferrite material, the magnetic strength is weaker than a solid ceramic magnet.Plastice rubber magnets are made by extrusion molding, calendar molding, injection molding processes, and are widely used in refrigerator, Vehicle Signs, Advertising Display, Toys and Games, Educational, Visual Planning, Bin Markers, Graphics, Hand Lettering, Hot Stamping, Die-Cutting and so on.Production Flow Chat of Plastic Rubber Magnet Features of Plastic Rubber Magnet 1. high magnetic property than normal sintered isotropic ferrite2. easy to design in various shapes such as slicing, drilling and rolling3. with density3.6-3.8g/cm34. easy processing for sizes and shapesSurface Treatments     No surface treatments are required to protect against corrosion. We are able to laminate a variety of decorative facings to magnetic strip, such as PVC( white PVC, matte white-PVC, and gloss white-PVC and color PVC, such as red, yellow, black, brown, etc), self adhesive (standard adhesive and 3M adhesive), and UV.Temperature Effects      Magnetic properties of flexible magnets degrade linearly with temperature in the same way as Ceramic magnets. However, the limiting factor for flexible magnets are the binder materials used to render them flexible: these begin to flow at temperatures of about 250F.Common Applications for Flexible Magnets    Flexible magnets are used in a variety of applications from labeling, holding, door gaskets, and signs, to micromotors and CRT focusing.Typical applications: crafts, toys, games, magnetic signs, displays, production control (or visual aid) systems, warehouse shelf labeling, door gaskets, door and cabinet closures, small tool and instrument holders, movable markers, advertising premiums, magnetic business cards, architectural planning layouts, etc.Rubber Magnet Properties

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